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APDT Good Companion Awards

Fun Life Skills Courses

Mixed Group Classes Working Towards Your Own Goals

The awards offer five (5) levels of achievement for Puppy, Foundation, Improver, Intermediate and Advanced awards, with each award building on the skills and achievements of the previous course to ensure progression and fun.

The courses are all reward based and force free, helping you build your relationship with your dog in a fun and supported environment.

The course is run as a mixed group (so you may have other dogs and owners working at different levels) of dogs and owners allowing us to run the class in four (4) weekly sessions, keeping it fun and rewarding.

You progress through the course objectives at your own pace and can work on achievements in class or by submitting them via video from home, making it convenient and fun to achieve each goal.

Each course consists of a set of objectives (criterion) that your and your dog must achieve. Once demonstrated satisfactorily each objective gets  signed off until you complete the award.  Once achieved you will receive you rosette and certificate to celebrate your achievement.

Each course is run over 4 weeks, however you can achieve awards quicker or slower - for instance you may achieve your Foundation award in 3 weeks, meaning you can move on to your Improver objectives in week 4. If it takes longer than 4 weeks to achieve all of your objectives, you can simply sign up to additional courses until you have achieved all of your objectives, goals and awards.


Each weekly class will be one hour in duration at one of our training venues. Classes can be attended by all family members, including children, to provide consistency throughout your dog's development.​

​What's Included:

 4-week course – 1 hour per week  -  Professional coaching and guidance  -  Certificate and rosette on successful completion -  Access to professional tutors and ongoing support  remotely -  A fun and rewarding way of learning with your dog.

Good Companion Awards start at the time and location shown on the individual booking and last for 1 hour per session.

​This course is designed for individual development of dogs with owners, and does not include any socialisation. Dogs of this age  have already developed their view of the world, so our focus is on you and your dog and will give you assistance on managing any specific challenges you have.

Attending The Course

​​Courses start at the time and location shown on the individual booking and last for 1 hour.

​Classes are carried out either face to face in a classroom environment, in our Open Air Training Facility or via a live video link (you will require a PC and Webcam or other device that supports video calls in order to take part in online classes). The booking shows which type of class are available, however face to face classes may be run online depending on government guidance and or specific class / dog circumstances.


If you wish to join one of our classes, simply complete the "Enquiry Form" under the "Book" menu.

Places are strictly limited and fill up quickly.

​We will confirm your attendance by return email and qualify any questions we have.​ Within 48 hours you will receive an email from ‘’ with details to make your payment.

​Bookings will only be confirmed once full payment has been made.

​On your course start date make sure you are familiar with the location and leave plenty of time for travel and comfort breaks for your puppy / dog.


If the class is online, then follow the joining instructions (and ensure you have setup your device so that you and your puppy can be clearly seen and that you have a quite and suitable space to train in).

​Our venues have plenty of space to stretch your legs and let your puppy sniff and toilet before class (please ensure all waste is bagged and placed in one of the bins provided). Please arrive a few minutes early so that we can get your puppy settled and allow classes to start on-time. Once in class you will be supported through our fun curriculum to get the very best out of your time with us.​​​


The fee is shown against each booking. 

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