Fun, Friendly, Reward Based Development
What's Included
Booking and Attending Classes

SuperPup is a fun follow on class for Puppy School graduates or puppies with similar formal basic training.  6 one hour weekly classes via our online portal offers excellent demonstration through high quality video's and one to one coaching from your tutor.


The course has been specifically developed to further build your relationship with your dog through fun skills development for your puppy's superpowers!

The ‘SuperPup programme’ helps you take your puppy’s boundless energy and develop it into superskills for life. From sidekick to superhero in just 6 weeks! Each session we will show you fun ways to develop and utilise your puppy’s superpowers and turn chaos into confidence and calm.

• Super Speed Speed up those recalls. Increase focus on you on walks. With this superpower your puppy will be the fastest in the park!


• Super Strength and Fitness Simple doggy workouts and body maintenance tips for your Superpup. Important for all superheroes!


• Super Stealth and Stillness Teach your Superpup the skill of complete calmness. Sometimes stealth is required on a superhero ‘mission’!


• Super Senses Sharpen your Superpup’s senses. Play simple nosework games. Build confidence around scary noises. Teach your puppy to be brave and courageous!


• Super Flexibility On things, over things, under things. Fun ideas to improve your Superpup’s flexibility.


• Super Social From the Avengers to the X-Men, no superhero is complete without a team. Learn to become your own superhero team with your puppy always by your side!


• Socialisation Snakes and Ladders Throughout course, use snakes and ladders game for socialisation homework challenges each week

The course consists of 6 weekly one hour classes. Classes can be attended by all family members, including children, to provide consistency throughout your dog’s development.

​The course will cover more advanced progressions of reward based training, building on what dogs have learned in Puppy School. We will provide guidance for developing advanced behaviours that can endure distractions, distance and longer duration such as:  ​Sit, Stay, Wait, Fetch, Find, Item Identification, Settle, Trick Development and Advanced Walking with a 'loose lead'.

​·         6-week course – 1 hour per week

·         Professional training notes

·         Certificate and rosette on successful graduation

·         Access to professional tutors and ongoing support

·         A fun and rewarding way of learning with your dog


SuperPup School Courses start at the time shown on the individual booking and last for 1 hour.

Classes are carried out via a live video link, so you will require a PC and Webcam or other devise that supports video calls in order to take part.

If you wish to join one of our classes, simply click on the 'Book Now' button adjacent to the class you would like to attend. Places are strictly limited to 4 per class and fill up quickly.

We will confirm your attendance by return email and qualify any questions.

Within 48 hours you will receive an email from ‘’ with a link to make your payment – it is important that you add this email address to your email system to prevent the email being sent to your SPAM folder or check your SPAM  folder.

Once you have paid your place will be confirmed and an email receipt will be sent out.

On your course start date make sure you are familiar with the joining instructions and have setup your device so that you and your puppy can be clearly seen and that you have a quite and suitable space to train in.

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