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Exercise & Enrichment

Professional exercise and stimulation

Sorry we are not taking on any new clients at the moment - sorry for the inconvenience

Our professional dog trainers provide exercise and stimulation for your best friend through structured walks, exercise, play and enrichment activities to suit you and your dogs needs.


Dog Walks:

General exercise for your dog in a safe and structured way offering your best fiend a trusted companion for their daily exercise needs


Home Visits:

Look in on your dog or puppy to offer stimulation and a stretch of the legs for toileting etc. often when your dog cant go out for a while.

Group Walks:

Exercising your dog with a carefully selected group of other dogs to allow a fun filled, safe and rewarding experience for all dogs. Carefully managed and organised to offer excellent socialisation and fun for you dog.

Vet Visits:

We can take your best friend to the vets for you, ensuring they are well cared for and supported when making these essential trips out.

All of our services are delivered by fully qualified dog trainers, providing reward based sessions for your dog to thoroughly enjoy every visit.

We are pet first air trained and offer a professional and secure service.


Sessions rates start from £12 based on requirements and location.


​​If you wish to arrange a Exercise and Enrichment consultation (we always meet with owners to discuss their dogs needs and complete the health and safety documentation), simply complete the online enquiry form here, or give us a call to discuss your requirements.


Session will be arranged for mutually agreeable times, however these may vary day to day to day (within 1 hour usually) due to additional care requirements that may be required on a daily basis.

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