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Online resource that offers guidance and advice on every aspect of owning and training your dog.

Think MEG when buying a puppy - Mum, Environment, Genetics

Buying a puppy is a very exciting time, but it is essential that you consider MEG before taking on your new best friend. For the welfare of the dog, you and to help prevent unethical breeding.

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Choosing the Right Dog for You

The ultimate guide to choosing the right dog for you and your family.

There are over 200 breeds profiled, with details of each dog's temperament, physical statistics, character, exercise requirements and potential health problems. Each profile includes a picture and a list of its key characteristics, making this the most comprehensive breed-profile book on the market.

A front section gives advice on what sort of breed you should look for and how to go about finding your dog. It also tells you what to ask, what to consider and ensures you don't make a mistake in your decisions.

If you're thinking about getting a dog, or want to learn more about the variety of breeds, cross-breeds and mongrels, then you cannot afford to be without this book.

Good Dog Behaviour

This essential handbook will help you develop a relationship with your dog that will help to ensure it is well-behaved and a joy to own.

How to Train a Superdog

From walking on a loose lead to carrying the shopping, How to Train a Superdog has everything you need to know to train your dog and ensure you have a happy contented canine companion.

Choose the right dog breed for you and then keep your dog healthy by understanding their exercise, diet and grooming needs. Learn every aspect of owning and training a dog, from basic obedience to advanced tricks, by following clear, step-by-step explanations and illustrations which show you exactly what to do.

How to Train a Superdog, uses the latest research into canine behaviour to help you to understand your dog and to learn to correct problems and maximise their potential. A well-trained dog is a well-behaved, healthy and happy dog.

The Perfect Puppy

Training a puppy is easy once you have built a good relationship based on trust and understanding.
192 pages

Dogs Behaving Badly

The clear question and answer format helps you understand why your dog behaves badly

128 pages

What is my DOG thinking

Why does your dog chase their tail?

Why does your dog roll in smelly things?

Why does your dog yawn when they're not tired?

Are they happy, angry, playful, distressed?

From tail wagging to growling, from play bowing to lip licking, this fascinating book explains why your dog behaves the way he does. What Is My Dog Thinking? covers six major aspects of dog behaviour: the importance of hierarchy, food and fitness, staying safe, reproduction, social behaviour, and people and dogs.

Written by a leading animal behaviourist, this accessible and intriguing book will help you to interpret your pet's behaviour and signals.

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Puppy Socialisation Poster

Download and print out our quick guide / reminder for all of those positive experiences that your puppy needs in order to be a well-adjusted dog.  Put it on your fridge and remember that your puppy needs to have had a positive experience with around 2 new people and 2 new dogs every day for the first 20 weeks, that’s over 200 dogs and people!

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