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Personalised Training

Specific Training to Suit Your Needs

Personalised training and education specifically for your needs. 

Personalised Training is a totally individual session designed to address specific challenges or concerns you are having.

​We will ask you for details about your dog and the behaviours that you are looking to address, before the session. This will allow us to prepare specific activities and locations to explore the behaviour and offer you the most benefit from the session.


What's Included:

This is a professional meeting to understand your requirements and provide strategies to help you work through them with consistent training and education.

  • ​Meet you and your dog – familiarisation and calm

  • Observe the behaviour – review the behaviour with you and your family

  • Understand – discuss the behaviour with you and the desired outcome

  • Practical – work with you and your dog

  • Summary – review strategies, milestones and set personal goals / follow up

  • Follow up - we will send you the summary via email plus any other reference material that have been discussed.​


Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to continue your development together and not require ongoing support. We will always be available for help and support to ensure you achieve the results you are looking for.

Attending The Session

​​If you wish to arrange a one-to-one session, simply complete the online enquiry form here, or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

​​We will confirm your booking by return email and qualify any questions.

​​The session will be arranged for  a mutually agreeable time, date and location based on the dogs needs and your availability. The sessions are very informal and friendly and we are looking to work with you and your family to get the results you are looking for, so every session will be unique to you.

​Please be prepared to work outside for the one hour session and dress appropriately and provide the relevant items for your dog to keep them warm, safe and entertained throughout the session. Some sessions may be in other environments (such as the park, roadside, home, etc.) so dress appropriately. If the session is to based at your home, please prepare other members of the family for some level of disruption during the session.


One-to-One sessions are currently charged at £50 plus fuel surcharge based on location.

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