Puppy +

Beginner Classes For Older Puppies and Dogs

These are fun and friendly group training classes for a maximum of 6 puppies per course. The course is run by a highly qualified tutor and assistants (see ‘Meet The Team’) to offer encouragement and support for you and your dog.

The course consists of 6 weekly one hour classes. Classes can be attended by all family members, including children, to provide consistency throughout the puppy’s development.​

The course will cover off the principles of reward based training, showing how all behaviour can be shaped through positive outcomes for your dog. We will provide guidance for basic behaviours such as:  -  Come When Called, Sit, Down, Stand, Walk on a Loose Lead, Wait and Gentle. Plus focus exercises to increase your dogs attention on you.

​The course also covers lots of aspects around dog behaviour and allows time for specific questions and concerns to be addressed at the end of each class.

​The course is designed to offer you a foundation for building a lifetime bond and relationship with your dog through consistent and fun use of rewards.

​This course is designed for individual development of dogs with owners, and does not include any socialisation. Dogs of this age  have already developed their view of the world, so our focus is on you and your dog and will give you assistance on managing and specific issues you have.

​What's Included:  -   6-week course – 1 hour per week.  -  Training notes.  -  Certificate and rosette on successful graduation.  -  Access to professional tutors and ongoing support.  -  A fun and rewarding way of learning with your dog.​

​Puppy+ Classes start at the time shown and location shown on the individual booking and last for 1 hour, with no more than 6 pups in any class.​

​​If you wish to join one of our classes, simply complete the Enquiry form under the "Book" menu. Places are strictly limited and fill up quickly.

​We will confirm your attendance by return email and qualify any questions we have.​ Within 48 hours you will receive an email from ‘’ with details to make your payment.

​Bookings will only be confirmed once full payment has been made.

​On your course start date make sure you are familiar with the location and any travel implications. Please allow plenty of time for your journey to reduce the stress on you and your puppy.

​Our venue has plenty of space to stretch your legs and let your puppy sniff and toilet before class (please ensure all waste is bagged and placed in one of the bins provided). Please arrive a few minutes early so that we can get your puppy settled and allow classes to start on-time. Once in class you will be supported through our fun curriculum to get the very best out of your time with us.​​​


The fee is currently £95 for face to face classes, for the 6 week course.