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Rapid Recall Workshop

2hr Rapid Recall Practical Workshop

Our professional trainers lead you in a two hour outdoor workshop focussing on techniques that make recall fun for your dog and developes focus on you so when you call they come!



This takes place in an outdoor location in a grass field. You will require outdoor clothing suitable for the time of year (Wellington boots and rain clothes are a norm) and be prepared for moderate exertion during the practical activities.



You will require your usual dog related equipment, including water, collar and or harness, lead and an range of high value (to your dog) treats. You will also require a 'long line' in order to work with your dog at distance but under control.



The workshop is led by our qualified trainers in a group of no more that 6 dogs per trainer. You will have plenty of outdoor space to practice and provide plenty of space between other students. Your instructor will provide a verbal description of each activity , demonstrate with a participants dog and then allow time to practice and receive personalised coaching. 


Workshop rates are £45 per dog.


​​If you wish to book on our next workshop, simply complete the online enquiry form here, or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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